Patient Reminders & Communications

Connecting Doctors with Patients!

Offer your patients even more services that will increase their satisfaction.  Use AutoRemind Patient Reminders & Communications to send them reminders of their upcoming appointment or that it is time to make an appointment.  Advise patients that you are offering a special, closed for a holiday or for bad weather.  It’s simple and saves so much time.  It also helps maximize your revenue and optimize your work flow.  Hence, happier patients and staff.

Key Features

  • Text message, Email and Voice Calls
  • Built Into Scheduler (automatically updates in software)
  • Customized and Individualized messaging
  • Patient ability to confirm on text messages
  • Pulls data from Lytec PM

As a result

  • Increased communications with patients
  • Increased revenue
  • Saved Time
  • Improved workflow
  • Capitalization on missed revenue

Video on Patient Reminders

…because your patients deserve Patient Reminders & Communications

If you are upgrading and do not use AutoRemind, contact us for an exclusive offer!