Practice Insight EDI Solutions (Clearinghouse)

practice-insight-logo-tagMAR Solutions, LLC offers medical practices a way to increase office productivity and cash flow with Claims Manager, through clearinghouse Practice Insight’s EDInsight. Now you can have an all-payer solution that submits and tracks each claim’s status from initial transmission to final payment in a true paperless format.

Practice Insight’s EDIinsight is a secure and easy-to-use, Internet-based program. The Claims Manager tool inside of EDIinsight provides the ability to track the current status and every response message that applies to an individual claim. Now you can eliminate the need for paper reports and enjoy a more organized solution that includes selecting by claim status, provider, payer, subscriber, filing dates, batch, and dollar amount.

Providing you with time-saving tools and powerful, easy-to-use functionality are crucial. Practice Insight’s Claims Manager offers a suite of real-time electronic healthcare transactions including claims, claim status, eligibility, insurance eligibility, and remittance advice.

Claims Manager allows the user to produce letters, such as proof of timely filing, claims status, and appeal letters. EDIinsight will automatically populate the letter with data from the claim record. This innovative solution is yet another time-saving feature to compliment Practice Insight’s powerful revenue cycle tool.

Claims Follow Up

  • End lengthy phone calls tracking the status of claims
  • Track claims by status – pending, rejected, paid…
  • Filter and work claims by subscriber, payer, physician, status, batch, dates or patient
  • View all payer status messages and edits made to the claim
  • Totally paperless administration (paper reports are always available if needed)
  • Automatically generate letters for timely filing, claim appeal, or claim status

Rule Based Claims Management

  • Reduce rejected claims with rule based claim management
  • Powerful and flexible, table-driven rules
  • Testing rules by payer, provider, or practice
  • Response rules for claim status
  • Substitution rules by payer, provider, or practice
  • Integrated with Alpha II Claim Scrubber Solution

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