Lytec Practice Management (PM)


Lytec is a market-leading practice management system helping more than 30,000 practices improve cash flow and increase office productivity through automated scheduling, billing, and workflow management.


This practice management (PM) system from eMDs offers stability that thousands of users trust to run their practices and pay bills – and now it is better.  New technology and features, such as the mobile app and the A/R Tracking module, streamlines processes.  As a result, providers and office staff can accomplish more in less time.  From scheduling to billing to revenue management, Lytec has your practice covered.

Lytec 2019 Feature Matrix

New in Lytec 2019 – On Sale Now!

  • Customizable Timely Filing Calculator
  • Move Credit Workflow to Eliminate Manual Tasks
  • Patient Email Connect with 27 Filters
  • Customizable Appointment Schedule Views and Printing
  • A/R Tracker Refresh Button
  • Advanced Duplicate Patient Record Marching
  • Patient Copay in Transaction Grid
  • Single View Hold Codes

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New in Lytec 2018

  • Customizable Charge Entry Rules
  • Expanded Mobile Functionality

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New in Lytec 2017

  • A/R Tracking Tool
  • Integration with AutoRemind patient reminder system

Need an EMR?  We offer two Lytec integrated EMR solution options:

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